Thanks for the lovely fruit and veggie box this week and last - it was soooo lovely to be home again, opening the box with anticipation... What’s inside this week? What will I make? Will I need to consult “Mr Google” for recipes? After 3 weeks in China it was such a delight to see fresh Tassie produce that didn’t have to be washed in special soap…In China anything you eat raw has to be soaked in soapy water and  then rinsed a million times, the final rinse being boiled or bought water as the tap water is not potable. It turns making a salad into a time consuming challenge!  

Last night I made Chicken Parmesan with basil (from the box) sauce, boiled new potatoes (from the box) and a garden salad with beetroot, snow peas, cherry tomatoes, carrots and lettuce (all from the box). Tonight I made vegetable and sour cream pasta bake with carrots, spring onions, kale (from the box) plus mushrooms and finished off the Rhubarb Sour Cream Pie with rhubarb and apples and the recipe from last week’s box. Rebekah’s comments both nights have been encouraging, “Can you make that again Mum?!” and “The Rhubarb is the best bit of this pie!” and this is from girl who normally turns her nose up at rhubarb! When they ask me what we are having for dinner I will now just have to say, “It’s from the Hilbarn box, plus a little bit of Mummy magic!”. 
Thanks for the recipes, please keep them coming. Tania

I love receiving the boxes. Everything I have received has been in peak condition and way way better than anything I can buy in the shops. It is like coming home to find a surprise present on my door step every fortnight. Terese

I am so happy with the boxes! I recommended you to my new neighbor and now she is a subscriber. Thank you for including the produce list again. It helps me learn because, being from the States, I am  new to it all. My family eats so much better due to your produce, and my kids and husband are very pleased with their dinner options. I also appreciate the recipes - it made a huge difference with the brussel sprouts.  It has been so much fun cooking with new (to me) produce. Shannon

We have thoroughly enjoyed the boxes - it's nice to know what you are eating!  The food tastes so different to that of the supermarket. Christine

We enjoy the boxes and the kids enjoy the trip to the cool room each Monday! Also, everything lasts so much longer than what is supplied at the supermarkets so it's better value for money. Natasha

Thank you so much for the delivery to Hobart.  We are continuing to LOVE the boxes and the quality is second to none!  It has been so lovely to bring part of the country to the city each week in receiving such fresh veg and fruit. Fabulous! Rachel & Alistair

Life wouldn't be the same without my hilbarn box. Damon

I hope you are both looking forward to a wonderful and very busy year ahead. It's a wonderful service you are providing. You are converting my non-vegetable eating husband. He even drank juice with kale in it today and he liked it! It's a Christmas veggie miracle! Thanks again. Georgia

We are loving the boxes! My husband was especially thrilled to see kale last week...he is a huge fan of that and it can be a bit hard to find at the supermarkets! Thank you. Yvette

Thank you again for providing such a wonderful and healthy food experience for the local population. Nicki

We are really enjoying the boxes and I look forward to Mondays! Michelle

Thanks for fresh vegetables, we enjoyed a nice salad for dinner and the children even enjoyed the radishes much to my surprise. Lynette

Thanks very much for the box of goodies we received today. We have enjoyed the freshness and variety of what we have received. Small amounts of a variety of things have been great and we have been impressed with the freshness of what you have sent us. Jill

I was so happy to see asparagus in my Hilbarn box today! And to know the effort you went to trying to find it will make it taste even better! Thank you Hilbarn x Raewyn

I can't wait for my Hilbarn box, makes Mondays so much happier.

Loving the local veg, and trying out new recipes with ingredients I don't usually buy. Today we had mustard and cress sandwiches for lunch, and it felt all jolly vintage England, like living in an Enid Blyton novel. Jo

I was very excited to pick up my first delivery this morning and write this week's dinner menu around the goodies in the box... Thanks hil and barn, you are great hunter-gatherers. Jo

"Hilbarn is joy. My friends have often teased me on the basis of my rantings for all things ‘seasonal, local and fresh’. It’s in my blood. My grandparents are farmers, as are my partner’s parents and we’ve both been afforded the opportunity to grow up with the delights of freshly plucked Tasmanian produce for most of our lives. We’re both vegetarians and I’m a passionate cook. Despite my love for attempting a variety of dishes and for experimenting with various ingredients, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be creative with the tasty morsels so often found in our box. Jerusalem artichokes have so far been my favourite; my chestnuts were a disaster but I loved the chance to cook with them! The variety of tomatoes provided over Summer were the epitome of bliss and I cannot believe how you manage to provide such a vast and interesting mix of other quality items every week. We spend a lot less money at the supermarket since Hilbarn and even though we’ve always been healthy eaters, sometimes our dinners (and leftover lunches) consist simply of a melange of vegetables – each with its own special preparation and presentation on the plate!  I can’t imagine that there would be a better way to source produce, nor an easier way to stay healthy than being part of the Hilbarn collective. What you provide is great for us, great for our community and great for the environment overall. I for one am a fan. Thanks for making every week a foodie-Christmas." Melody

Thank YOU! And thanks to all the local growers who love to see their produce shared. Hil & Barn