Friday, March 21, 2014

Autumn Note

hilbarn fresh produce 2008 - 2013 

It's a summer since hilbarn closed. We're keeping busy. Barn is looking after gardens for people who are no longer able to look after them but who nonetheless still love their garden. He says older people know so much about plants and veggies and can't believe how productive a small backyard can be in the hands of fastidious hands. While Hil is working on her next book, she's picking Barn's grapes (left) and making grape juice so tart it makes you smile. Cross today, though, because a rabbit has found its way into her newly planted veggie patch (right) while she wasn't looking. Meanwhile, Marilyn & Monroe make dust bowls underneath the camellias (centre). We're doing different things and happy that Paleo Providore are continuing the service we started to find the freshest local produce and deliver it to you. You can contact Bron at Paleo Providore: M 0448 989 440

We still have a few hilbarn recipe books available and they make great gifts. Drop us a note if you'd like one They're $15 inc p&p.

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