Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Last Pack


If you'd like to reserve a copy of our limited edition collection of 12 seasonal hilbarn recipes - beautifully illustrated by Masako - please email 
Price $15 plus p&p.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Tasmania's Favourite Potato"

At last! Freshly dug pink eye potatoes from Penguin feature in this week's hilbarn boxes - just the weekend when The Mercury newspaper proclaimed pink eyes as "Tasmania's favourite potato". Discuss... or just wash them, boil them,  slather them with real butter and dine on them tonight instead.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Seasonal News

Five years ago, when we first started packing fresh produce into recycled wine boxes, we remember lamenting the lack of local asparagus growers. While England holds asparagus festivals, it's been one of the hardest crops to find here in Tassie. Well, oddly enough, two Sundays ago, in the month when we decided to close, we received an early morning text from JAM's Kate Smith. She'd spotted a lady selling fresh asparagus at Evandale market. We rang, we met Pam (below), a farmer from Longford, and for the past two weeks have been collecting her stupendous bunches to put into hilbarn boxes, and of course onto our own plates, too. They don't even need cooking: so succulent and tender just as they are. We'll have them for the next two weeks before we farewell our weekly boxes at the end of the month. We are very grateful for your tremendous and quite overwhelming support of our healthy small business here in Tasmania. And we thank you for your understanding that we need a rest. hilbarn started with a simple passion: to share our love of fresh Tassie produce.  And we promise to continue sharing that here every now and then.

We also loved being introduced to these newborn lambs at the Pinners farm in Karoola this week when we collected fresh eggs for hilbarn boxes from Lyndy. Meet Molly and Dolly: survivors of wind, wet paddocks, bad mothers and lamb life in general. It's tough out there. But thanks to Lyndy and Dave's skilful hand-rearing these adorable Dorpers will be grazing on spring grass in no time.