Monday, September 23, 2013

Gifts of Spring

We love the notes we receive from hilbarners. Here's one: three words that came at exactly the right time when Time's see-saw says daytime and night-time are equal now. We welcome Spring and the gifts it brings: strawberries, asparagus, snow peas, broad beans.... not quite there yet, but tantalisingly close.

And this one from a hilbarn grower who stuck it on a label on the outside of a black plastic bag filled with freshly picked silverbeet. Thank you Alan - we love your art.

Thank you to Peter from Wilmot who sent us a pack of exciting seeds in the post - lamb's lettuce (also known as corn salad). Such a treat for us to sow.

And this is what bud burst looks like on a chardonnay vine in the Jansz Tasmania vineyard. Coming relatively soon, we hope, to a flute near you.

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