Monday, August 19, 2013

Gushing Rivers, Blocked Roads, Unlimited Downpours

Floods were widespread in our neighbours' paddocks at the weekend as Pipers River broke its banks. The normally lush green grassy valley became criss-crossed with rivulets and tributaries and roads turned into rivers as we drove around the region collecting fresh produce. At one stage not even the windscreen wipers could keep up with the torrential downpour. We managed to get everything home in time to pack and after such a grey day everything edible seemed neon by comparison, including Bron's still-warm muffins (a recipe from this month's Country Style) and Masako's beautifully drawn recipe for Roast Swedes & Parmesan Chips, which you'll find slipped inside this week's hilbarn boxes.

Red & green organic mizuna from York Town

A rainbow of radishes (French, red & purple plum) from Zong & Chua

Bron's lemon muffins: packing night snacks

Roasted Swede & Parmesan Chips Recipe drawn by Masako


Jane @ Shady Baker said...

Hi Hilary and Hilbarn crew. The weather in your part of the world looks amazing. As a family we are travelling to King Island next month for a week of adventure! We have no idea what to expect...I wonder what the weather will be like? Do you have any tips for KI? Those muffins make me want to go and bake right now...I think I might :)

Hilbarn said...

Hi Jane, It will be lovely in springtime on King Island - lucky lucky you. Visit the cheese factory; walk around Cape Wickham lighthouse; take or hire a bicycle (it's flat); counter meals and seafood at the Currie pub are good... and enjoy the coastline... Have you baked yet?

Jane S said...

Oh thanks so much for the travel tips Hilary, that is great! We have had this holiday booked for months and it is finally starting to feel real! Yes, I baked: crunchy oat, treacle and almonds biscuits :)