Sunday, June 30, 2013

Consider the Feijoa

We heard from growers John and Christine from Kindred this week. Maybe you spotted them in the Saturday Mercury? A great read by journalist Gill Vowles  about the "Pastoral Paradise" of Kindred.  When John and Christine decided to retire to the north west from the top end of Australia they took on a property that happened to come with 96 feijoa trees. The feijoa (also known as pineapple guava or guavasteen) is a native of South America, plentiful in New Zealand and - this week - hilbarn fresh produce boxes. While it's a tropical sounding name, the feijoa fruit is harvested in the winter, from May to August.  We expect you'll notice its distinctive aroma as soon as you open your hilbarn box. Eat fresh like kiwifruit, in fruit salads, in jams, chutneys or curries, or substitute for and/or use with apple in baking. Christine suggests using them with apple in a Feijoa & Apple Crumble. Love to hear what you make of this amazingly aroma-ed fruit! Christine also makes Feijoa Jam and Feijoa Chutney (photographed, above) which she sells at markets. We finished the packing evening devouring some of both with a gooey Tassie cheese. Thank you to John and Christine for sharing their bountiful harvest. Delicious!


Killiecrankie Farm said...

Great forgotten fruit ! My kids are hoovering them like kiwi's, so we never had enough left to make feijoa cheese :(
Plus they smell divine !

Isis said...

i can highly recommend making them into a Honey Feijoa cake :)