Friday, May 10, 2013

Lyndy's Chook Gossip #5

Lyndy and Dave's hens at Pinners B&B have been having a little rest these past few weeks. Despite the unseasonally warm temperatures (21 degrees here yesterday) they're taking their usual winter vacation, laying less than Lyndy would like, losing their feathers, and in Miss Muffet's case, mothering nine new chickens hatched on Monday. Which means The Nuns' House hens Marilyn & Monroe are now aunties! In the meantime, Lyndy says she's looking forward to when their new Australorps start laying - apparently they're not as broody!

And here's a snap from Vikky who helps us with our boxes. She took her daughter Hollie to the beach yesterday. "Have a paddle for us!" we said. And not much later, this photo arrived. Thanks you two - lovely to see the toes taking a dip in May!

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