Sunday, May 5, 2013

Big hilbarn Sunday

Celebration of Autumn 1 - Let's kick leaves!
It's official. Today has not only been a fantastic day but also the biggest since hilbarn started a little over four years ago. This morning started at 730 collecting fresh baby bok choy, coriander and cavolo nero which we chauffeured home in the white van to add to the rest of the goodies already collected and stored in the hilbarn cool room. The inside of the van was thankfully warm - given the first major frost of the season outside. 

Now, we're sitting in front of the wood fire, realising the day is ending as it started: in low temps! Suitably low, in fact, to enable us to stack the packed boxes straight into the van instead of the cool room: ready, set, go! for tomorrow morning's deliveries. 

We have to say, we're quite proud of the look of this week's hilbarn boxes: the sweetest little Beurre de Cap pears from Hillwood, ruffled Savoys from Laurie in Lower Barrington, and fragrant coriander from Chua and Zong... Plus, one of our favourite Masako illustrated recipes in preparation for a special day next weekend. We'll post the produce list and recipe on our Facebook page in the morning. We're delighted to say it's a recipe kindly shared by Blue Cafe Bar, Launceston. We invited them to come up with a recipe using ingredients from this week's hilbarn box. Inspiration, we hope, to share with (or make for) someone you love.

Celebration of Autumn 2 - yesterday @ Jansz Wine Room

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