Thursday, May 30, 2013

An Orchard of Quinces!

Diana, one of our hilbarn customers, phoned us this week to see if we'd like to have the last of her quinces: "You can only use so many of them," she said. We were expecting to find a backyard tree, but when Diana showed us to the old orchard on her family's farm at Evandale we were over the moon to see three magnificent old quince trees bearing golden drops. Diana dropped the book work, left her quinces slow cooking on the kitchen Aga, and joined us outside to pick the fruit for hilbarn boxes this weekend. As we stood on tip toes - and Di climbed the branches - to pluck the highest fruit she told us the farm has been in her family for seven generations. It was lovely to think of her, her mother, grandmother and all the greats before her, running through the orchard with the air ripe with quince. We hope there's enough to share one or two of this year's crop in everyone's boxes this weekend.  Diana works as a health coach in Launceston; so, what's her tip for cooking them? Just slow cooked in water, she says. Don't bother to peel or core them, or even add sugar. A cinnamon stick or vanilla bean will do. Then, once they're soft and stewed, peel off the skins and blitz in the blender, et voila! Quince sauce you can pour on anything you like from breakfast to pork! Thanks, Di, for helping us run riot in your orchard. Now, we just have to remember not to put any in your box this weekend!


Jane @ Shady Baker said...

Magnificent Hilary!

I have just picked my first ever little quince crop and I am feeling so proud...a whole orchard would be heaven. I slow baked mine too and then put some into a cake and rest we have eaten with thick, Greek yoghurt or cream depending on the time of day. So good :)

Killiecrankie Farm said...

oh to have too many quinces !