Friday, April 5, 2013

Back On The Road

We're back after the Easter break which, as it turned out, was not such a break in some ways. When you run your own small business there's always something ready to test an otherwise good nature. During our last hilbarn delivery run, our trusty red van, Versace, broke down at the end of Pipers River Road. We had to drop everything and head into town to hire a van to complete our deliveries. Turns out that Versace had blown a head gasket and has probably seen his last delivery days for us... Three years was more than we could have asked for a van we rescued from someone's back yard. So now we have a white van, pictured yesterday in Lilydale with Barn, collecting boxes of crunchy Scottsdale carrots that had just arrived at Rob and Pat's hardware store. Trusty white van? We're yet to find out. The price seemed too good to be true and you know what that means, don't you? It probably is. Still, we have fingers crossed hoping the white van will do you proud. 

Meantime, just to prove that we haven't been stuck with our heads inside two engines all Easter... here are two of our favourite dishes we devoured during the break:

Left: Hil's sister-in-law's Good Friday dessert "Poached quince meringue tart"- as good as it looks!
Right: hot smoked ocean trout salad polished off at Lost Farm restaurant in Bridport on Easter Sunday

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