Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hazelnuts & Pears

We source and collect produce from all over the State, but this morning it was great to stay close to home to enjoy the wonders of the Lilydale Festival of Wood while collecting pears, hazelnuts and apples from our own and our neighbour's gardens and orchards. First stop, Peter and Jeni at Plover's Ridge Country Retreat (top left): we think they have some of the best views in the district perched on top of the hillside where this hazelnut grove (above, centre) has just supplied them with one of their best crops ever. A bagful features in this week's hilbarn box. Cute the way they often hang around in winged twos... 

Thanks to Pete and Jeni for contacting us about their surplus, and to Rhonnie and Bob at The  Pear Walk just down the road who let us collect hazelnuts from their trees, and the last of the pears from their beautiful laneway of 100 year old pear trees. Sadly, only enough for our double boxes this season.

We couldn't resist stopping to forage for damsons and blackberries growing wild in one of our favourite secret laneways on the way home. And then, a few boxes of apples from the hilbarn garden to add to those from Millers Orchard in Hillwood and Bron's Cox's from Underwood. It's been a fruit picking kind of day. Now, to packing. Then, what to make with this bounty?

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