Wednesday, February 6, 2013

hilbarn's Cocktail Jams

For the past few months our boxes have featured Kate Smith's luscious Cocktail Jams made exclusively for hilbarn from seasonal produce sourced from our growers, our neighbours, and our gardens. We have to confess our jam tasting sessions (this one photographed yesterday, above) have never been a chore... We've been asked if Kate's jams are more widely available and we're pleased to say they will be coming to a market near you soon. Kate's been busy, left, filling her jewel-like pots with every delicious colour under the sun. Yesterday we dropped off a basket of greengages from Barn's garden to help complete the rainbow.

UPDATED (February 18, 2013): You can now find Kate and her Jams (Just Add Moonshine) at Evandale Market on Sundays.


Jane said...

Hello Hil. I'm Jane. I just wanted to congratulate you on your book. I read it recently and loved it. thank you. Here's cheers to you and Barn. you both work so hard and the lengths you go to and source your produce is a credit to you both. Long may you love, and I only wish you shipped your boxes to Brisbane!!! best wishes. Jane x

Hilbarn said...

Hello Jane. Your note made me feel strong again. You know how some days you wake up feeling this overwhelming weight wondering why you do what you do? I just didn't know how to start the day although there's so much that needs to be done. I think we all feel it somedays - it's just being human. This morning was one of those days... and then I read your note. You must have known. Thanks for the perfect pick me up. Now, coffee! Have a great day. Hil