Monday, January 21, 2013

This summer

Apart from the joys of apricots, we've been enjoying what comes from the garden (tomatoes, and basil flowers cut into olive oil); the pluckiest green beans we've seen, collected from Va and Pheng on Saturday morning for this week's hilbarn boxes (imagine how long it took to hand-pick 55 kilos! We are endlessly grateful for their hard work); plus, a gift from John and Lesley at Cherry Top Farm, Lilydale. When Barn went to collect their blueberries which (together with Alex and James' from Lebrina) make up our total blueberries for this week's hilbarn boxes, John gave him a jar of their farm honey. Just stop everything, unscrew the lid and dip a finger in it... Off to do deliveries in town now with sticky fingers.


Mrs Smith said...

That Lemon marmalade in the box a few weeks ago was the bomb!!! Can we buy more of that ???

Hilbarn said...

Hi Georgia, glad you liked the Three Lemon Marmalade. Sorry we only make enough Cocktail Jam for boxes once a month. We might do it again when lemons are in surplus again. Keep you posted.