Tuesday, January 22, 2013

hilbarn delivery day

So here is the last hilbarn fresh produce box we packed on Sunday night. It's a double box overflowing with this week's colourful array of summer produce. Blueberries from Alex & James in Lebrina and John & Lesley in Lilydale; squash and green beans from Va & Pheng in Wesley Vale; Graeme's basil from Thirlstane; tomatoes from Colin & Jenny in Glengarry; roquette from Richmond; capsicum from Kindred; Hillwood cherries; garlic from Sam & Pete in Devonport; Dutch cream potatoes from Wayne in Hollwell, and Yolla iceberg lettuce.

Yesterday we delivered to Pick Up Points and homes in Launceston from Mowbray to Riverside, Prospect to Newstead, and everywhere inbetween. One of our highlights was catching  Edie (left) playing in the garden and Tavish (right) helping dad bake scones. We love these morning moments. Catching people going about their daily lives is not normally what strangers are allowed to do. But through our delivery days we have come to watch young people growing up enjoying both the bounty of their back yard and the joys of mum and dad's kitchen table.
The final joy of the day: Pat's no sift scones on display in the upstairs cafe at Neil Pitt Menswear (a hilbarn Pick Up Point in central Launceston). Perfect, or what? It was a tip-top scone kind of day... 


Loz and Dinny said...

Oh! There are my smalls! Those scones were waiting for me on my return ... I ate them with the left over jam from one of your boxes! We love the anticiaption of our Hilbarn box's contents each Monday!

Hilbarn said...

Sorry to miss you but lovely to see how the world works when you're not there. How lucky you are to have scones made for you when you get home.