Sunday, November 11, 2012

Welcome Spring Garlic

We're sharing a first in hilbarn boxes this week with this wonderful spring garlic from Paul and Sandy of Pelverata, in the lower Derwent Valley, who tell us their farm is well on the way to organic certification. Paul says that all of their produce is spray free and that they're awaiting organic certification from the Biological Farmers of Australia
When we asked how their produce was grown Paul told us: "We have never used any chemicals or artificial fertilisers on our property. Blood and bone and BFA-certified chicken manure pellets are as harsh as things have ever been on our farm. We also make our own fertilisers from our leftover produce on-site. And we use a rotational method on our farm so as not to exhaust our soil." 
You can see the care they take in the way their garlic is washed, bunched and tied in beautiful spring bunches. Thank you Paul and Sandy - it's a pleasure to share your beautiful produce. 

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