Saturday, November 24, 2012

Today's bounty!

This morning we travelled west to collect Nicola potatoes from Wolfgang (centre) and his gang: l-r, Phil, Maxine, Wolfgang's wife Andrea and Shirley. They'd started early, harvesting in the cool of the morning, and we timed our visit well with the bulk of their morning produce already boxed and loaded onto the back of the truck ready to go. 

Next stop, Kindred, where we collected capsicums, chillies, and these stripey eggplant from Ann (above), who told us it's the first year they've tried growing eggplant and they're really pleased with the results. "What's the best way to cook them?" we asked. "I think the simplest is always best," said Ann. "Just barbecued - no salt or oil. Just sliced and as they come. Rob cooked some like that last night and that's all we had. They were beautiful!"  On the way home we spotted a couple picking on a hillside. They were backs bended over buckets in the middle of a paddock of magnificently tall broad beans. We stopped and let them know that we'll be putting in our order next week! 

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