Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Remembering Marita

We've known Marita since almost the start of hilbarn. First she was a customer. Then a grower, offering us Jerusalem artichokes and limes from her family garden in Launceston. Pretty soon she became a Pick Up Point when she offered Egremont B&B for customers to collect their boxes each week. She cleared out an old shed previously used for storage and loved to see it full of boxes waiting to be picked up. We became good friends. She helped Hil with archive material and contacts for her book, and when Hil needed space for its final edit, Marita offered her the family shack at Low Head to hide away in. Marita Bardenhagen was a generous, funny, intelligent friend who passed away last week. We planted an Australian lime tree in The Nuns' House garden in her memory. Thank you Marita. Rest peacefully.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you - she enjoyed sharing her harvest, and the history and beauty of her much loved Egremont and shack, with others. She will be much missed by her family, and we are grateful for the memories of her friends and colleagues at this time

Alex Thomson