Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just Great Feedback

We just wanted to say a big thank you to Alison for sharing her experience of receiving a hilbarn fresh produce box with her young school class. Reading stories like this helps keep us going! 

"Thanks so much for organising my first fruit & vege box delivery today - it was perfect!

After it was delivered to work, our wonderful office lady bought it down to my classroom. I was working with a small group of children who were just as excited as I was to see what was inside.  

We stopped our reading activity and spent time reading the details on the delivery tag and the message stamped on the lid saying ‘THIS BOX MAY CONTAIN EGGS’.

We spent time predicting what type of fruit & vegies might be inside the box and noticed we could smell something interesting.

The children helped snip the binding and lift the lid... WOW!

We all spent time smelling the strawberries and mint; laughing about the funny names on the list like ‘bok choy’ and ‘pink eye potatoes’; wondering what the purple plant was (beetroot) and what the long green plant was (spring garlic) and EVERYONE had to have a turn of holding the carrots with the green tops still on!

Someone noticed that the produce list told where each item came from. Someone else noticed the recipe with clever drawings and that the procedure was written in beautiful fancy writing - which also told the name of who grew each ingredient.

Finally, someone decided that the strawberries smelt so good we should all try some... so we did! Everyone agreed they were so sweet and juicy!

The fresh produce is now packed away in my kitchen, minus some butter lettuce, garlic chives, potatoes and carrots that my family and I enjoyed for tea, although they did ask why the list mentioned strawberries but there weren’t any in the box!

Thanks for the wonderful freshness, great range and stress free delivery."


Sarah said...

I totally agree with this!

We had the salad tonight. I added your lettuce and an avocado and everyone enjoyed it! All your recipes have been a hit!

Well done!

Hilbarn said...

Thank you Sarah, we'll be down in Hobart next week so if you haven't already dropped off your boxes at Bottega Rotolo we will collect from your door on Tuesday.

Isis said...

love this story :D