Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Chicken Episodes

Chickens are curious things. Hil is extremely relieved at having finally found the nest Marilyn and Monroe (left) have been hiding from her for the past two weeks. When all the time she'd been scrabbling around the nether regions of her garden trying to find them, there they were yesterday - a whole two dozen - nestled perfectly in the middle of a bush of lemon balm right in front of the kitchen window.  Now that they've recovered from the separation from their eggs, and the weather is warming up, they seem quite taken with the idea of sunning themselves on the Nuns' House sun lounge. 
This morning, we collected the final dozen of organic eggs from Lyndy because they hadn't quite laid the required number  for us on packing day. Lyndy told us she was waiting on Blanche: "I kept telling her, Blanche, how long can it possibly take you to lay one egg!" We love Lyndy's hen stories.

Last week, in Stanley, as the sea mist rolled in around the Nut (above) and down the streets of the deceptively placid town, the richly-feathered hens and roosters of historic Highfield House proved equally entertaining as they tried to find shelter from the coming storm. You see how much hens are a distraction? We happen to have fresh Turners Beach strawberries in our boxes this week, and do they get a mention? Next post, promise...

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