Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Broad Bean Recipes

Thanks this week to artist and sommelier John Wilkinson for his spirited recipe illustration for our hilbarn boxes, featuring two recipes using Spreyton broad beans as the star. We've been scouring the region and managed to book these beans for their debut appearance a few weeks ago. We often wonder why some things are harder to find in large quantities than others, especially when broad beans can sow themselves in your own back yard! John, and his wife Fiona, were visiting us again this week, on their way to new jobs in United Arab Emirates. When we were without an illustration for our hilbarn boxes, John offered to spend the day playing with watercolours to see what he could come up with, while Fiona and Hil podded broad beans and Barn helped test the recipes. We hope you enjoy playing with beans!

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EarthAppleJane said...

Broad beans are my favourite (after potatoes of course!) and I just love the illustration. Good luck and have fun in UAE!