Saturday, October 13, 2012

Roasted Cauliflower Salad Recipe

We hope you're enjoying and using the recipes slipped inside your hilbarn box? We like to spend time choosing a recipe from Hil's collection, using some of the ingredients that we source fresh each week from local farmers and growers. We hope you're also as inspired as we are by Masako's recipe drawings. 


EarthAppleJane said...

This cauliflower recipe looks really different and yummy! Thank you:)

Sarah said...

Yes we did this for dinner during the week and I added left over chicken. The family ate the whole lot up proclaiming it delicious! Thank you very much - we have been enjoying the recipes. This is a big thing from a man who was brought up on three veg and meat (argh).

Also loved the Warrata - lovely touch.

Simone said...

We are loving the recipes! It is great to try something different, and we will be having both salads again as we thorougly enjoyed them!

Masako's does an excellent job with the drawings.

Thanks guys