Saturday, June 2, 2012

Winter Crops

It was a misty start to our hilbarn produce pick-ups this morning but the signs of winter were heartwarming as we passed by busy tractors, watered furrows and verdant crops in brick red soil along the Central Coast.  We love what we do and hope you do to! Freshly harvested Brussels sprouts, purple carrots and "Innovator" potatoes are stacked up now ready for packing into hilbarn fresh produce boxes tomorrow. We're always amazed how many crops grow prolifically in the dead of winter: brassicas galore! 


EarthAppleJane said...

Innovator potatoes, that's a new one to me!

Hilbarn said...

Yes, us too. They're from the same grower in Kindred where we also often source hilbarn freshly dug Nicola potatoes... she's going to leave a note here with more information for everyone - when she gets in from the paddock!