Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Delivery Days

That's Barn, taking a call from a customer to hold their boxes for a couple of weeks - they're off to Bali. What good timing, just as the southerly blows in! Barn and Versace are off now to deliver boxes for hilbarn's additional delivery days on Thursdays in Launceston and Fridays in Hobart. Enough of you had mentioned how you'd love a box for the weekend. So now you can start your week, or start the weekend, filling your fridge and pantry with local fresh produce. Just send us an email if you'd like to sign up to either end of the week (or both) to And that's Harry the hilbarn dog who would have waved too if he could, as Versace headed out onto Pipers River Road for the short trip into town...Enjoy your day!

PS. We tried the Thursday and Friday delivery days but in the end interest wasn't great enough to make it worth our while. If it ever is, we'll certainly make it happen again.

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