Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cheesy Matters

This morning started with an early pick of herbs from the hilbarn garden (left), still wet with a heavy overnight dew. Today, a racy selection of hardy rosemary, tender lavender (third cut!), silvery curry plant, river mint, variegated oregano, apple mint and common thyme, chosen to be sitting pretty on cheese platters at Yondover Goat Dairy.
We first met Gina and Mike Butler at the Lilydale Market selling their farmhouse cheeses, while we were selling herbs, plants and fresh produce. We heard about their plan to open a cheese tasting room at their goat dairy in nearby Tunnel.

Since then, the Butlers have appeared at markets across the State. They've opened their cafe and tasting room-with-a-view, made wonderful cheeses served on sumptuous platters (above, with a sprig of hilbarn lovage), and won one or or two impressive awards in the process. Like every primary producer, they work incredibly hard and deserve every success. We snapped a shot of one of their more curious and irresistible goats this morning while Gina and Mike were at market and Kellie was manning the tasting room.