Monday, April 30, 2012

Going Nuts

It's sweet chestnut time again - love the smell of these nuts roasting... Thank you to to wonderful growers Colleen and Daryl from Preolenna, near Wynyard, for providing not only bags of chestnut joy but also tips on how to store and cook with them. Here are a couple of recipes from their treasure trove, generously shared with hilbarners. 

Chestnut Soup
500g chestnuts, cooked
2.5 cups  milk
7.5 cups chicken or vegetable stock
1 Tbs flour
1 Tbs butter
3 Tbs sherry (optional)
Puree chestnuts, add stock, milk and flour with melted butter and cook for 20 minutes stirring every now and then. Just before serving, add the sherry.

Chestnut Dip
250g chestnuts, peeled
Pinch salt & a little butter
20ml cream
Squeeze lemon juice
Fresh chives & crackers
Cook chestnuts in stock with just enough stock to cover. When cooked the liquid should be considerably reduced. Rub through a sieve or blend with a dash of water until a smooth puree is formed. Return puree to pan, add a pinch of salt and butter to thicken. Leave to cool. Add cream and lemon juice to the puree mixture and mix  until smooth. Sprinkle with chives and serve with crackers.


chrisartist said...

Colleen and Daryl were friends of my late sister, Jen.
She used to tell me all about them and their farm.
It's nice to see them.
The recipes look great.

Hilbarn said...

Thanks for sharing Chris. We're hoping to get to visit C&D on farm in the next couple of weeks so will report back then. Lucky Jen enjoying their company as well as their chestnuts, cheers

quiltjude said...

Many years ago I remember Jen turning up with a bagg full of their chestnuts and we roasted them on the open fire, happy memories of Jen :) (another sister of Jen as chris mentioned in her post)

Hilbarn said...

Wow, Chris & Jude, you were three lucky sisters :-) thanks for sharing your memories of Jen. Love how food brings people together