Sunday, February 19, 2012

Too Darn Hot?

These habanero chillis came from Steve in Beaconsfield who says they rate 10 on the hot chilli scale. "They're lively," he added. And he meant it. They are the black belt of chillis - hot AND flavorsome - and a surprising 64 times hotter than their slow lane cousin, the more conservative Jalapeno. Steve says if you ate one whole it would blow your head off - but only for seven minutes. After that, the hotness passes. He suggests that just one of these tiny taste grenades makes four to five family meals. We've given you two in this week's hilbarn box.


Jessiebean said...

Oh they look just like the miniature capsicums we grow on our patio, I am glad I read this before i tried cooking with them my little boys like chili but... maybe not as much as I would have put in!

Hilbarn said...

Baby steps with this one...we grated a tiny sliver on salad after packing last night and couldn't actually taste it! Plans to be a bit bolder with curry tonight... keep us posted with your habanero travels!

Anonymous said...

Great box again Hil and Barn, Quick tip for the King Edwards!!!
Use them for chips or roast, If using for chips, Peel and cut, then soak for 20-30 mins,Dry the chips. Then cook on lower heat(6 on my chip cooker), Take them out for 5 mins while deep fat fryer is heating to max then finish off, They make the best chips ever!!!

Hilbarn said...

Thanks for the hot chip tip! Love to hear what everyone does with their hilbarn box