Friday, January 27, 2012

Shed Fashion

Sunday nights are for packing at the hilbarn shed. Each week is different. It starts slowly and mindfully, while the four of us decide what goes on the bottom and how each item will fit together. We think about colour and crushability, and whether or not an item needs packaging in brown paper or plastic bags, or otherwise wrapped in newspaper. We like there to be as little fuss and wrapping as possible - only what's necessary to keep an item fresh or from spoiling others in the box - as if it's just been picked or harvested. Once we've settled into the way and how of packing, and the task is understood without hard thinking, the conversation moves to how our week was spent, to recipes tried, or friends enjoyed. And to having a laugh. So when Rhonda turned up in cut-off trackies and farm boots we couldn't resist a snap. This is Rhonda, showing off the latest in Shed Fashion. We aren't the most glamorous puss in boots in town, but on a 25 degree day, it's cool and comfortable and that's what counts.

1 comment:

chrisartist said...

Loving your shed fashion.
Perhaps we could do a blog on our garden fashion!!
You do a great job and it's good to hear you enjoy it.