Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cherries On Top

Last year, Pete's cherries, grown in the cool climes of Mt Arthur in Lilydale, were devastated by an unseasonally wet summer. This year, we found Pete in a very happy mood. He says it's one of his best cherry seasons yet, and it's only just begun. Yesterday, we picked up boxes of Pete's freshly picked "William's Favourites", an early variety, and took them straight home to weigh and pop into brown paper bags for this week's hilbarn boxes. We love the way they look and taste like a bag of sweets. Come back in a couple of weeks, said Pete, for the Ron Seedling variety, a large dark red cherry that ripens later in the season. Then, as we were leaving and the sun was setting over Lilydale and the western Tiers, he introduced us to last year's vintage homemade cherry wine - happily shared. Thank you, Pete and Betty, for a cherry season like no other.

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Killiecrankie Farm said...

ah the perks of the job again !
Cherries have been brilliant this season, so good for the growers who had a bad year last year.