Monday, December 5, 2011

On the Road Again

Barn and Hil are about to set off to deliver this week's hilbarn boxes, so look out for our red van, Versace, who rather fancies himself as an extra in Top Gear. Polished up well, thanks Joe! This weekend Versace travelled country roads from Kindred to Scottsdale, collecting fresh local produce for this week's boxes: basil and snow peas from Graeme, capsicum and chillis from Rob and Ann, potatoes from Chris, bok choy and kale from Song, roses from Stephen and Maryann, wild roquette from Bruce and Claire, and strawberries from Craig and Wendy. Thanks guys! PS. This snap might look magazine-snazzy, but Hil actually took it accidentally on her Iphone when she was hopping back into Versace. "I couldn't have lined it up better if I'd tried!" she says. Just a perfect angle taken by the moment...

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