Sunday, October 2, 2011

Waratah Haven

Grand Final Day is when NSW waratah grown in Tasmania are at their peak, says Kate, who harvested these stupendous 'Shady Lady' stems for us this morning ready to pack into hilbarn double boxes this evening. When the morning sun hit these grand bushes in her Pipers River native garden you couldn't help but be cheerful. We're celebrating light today, in all its forms: Day Light Saving is here at last!


Apple Island Wife said...

We visited the Van Diemen tulip farm at Table Cape last weekend and they have lovely displays there including one which mixed warratahs and other natives with tulips - wouldn't have occurred to me, but they looked wonderful. Gotta love a native plant!

Hilbarn said...

Wow that's interesting - we're picking up the first new season potatoes in Penguin this weekend, so might go and see for ourselves. Thanks for the hot tip!