Saturday, October 22, 2011

Strawberry Fields Now & Forever

For some reason we can't quite work out, when you follow the seasons, the years seem to fly by. This has its pros and cons. It's not such a welcome quality when it comes to ageing, although we're trying hard not to act our age. It's wonderful, though, when the seasons flick by and you realise it's strawberry time again. Hilbarners are lucky this week - they'll have strawberries in their box before the Berry Patch in Turners Beach even opens on Thursday. We met Craig today, in the midst of re-vamping their shed with a sexy new lick of paint, front counter, and pebbled front step. "The first pick is never the best," said Craig, who, after three seasons, we know to be the master of understatement. We hope you'll agree they still taste as good as ever. So good to be able to get Craig and Wendy's berries to you again: we hope you love the fruits of their labour as much as we do.

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Allana said...

We went picking a few weekends ago, such a great family day and the strawberry and vanilla jam we made was amazing!
I so wish we could buy your boxes they always look and sound delish! :)