Monday, October 31, 2011

The Art of Spice

Dukkah (zaatar and chip spices) from Tanya and Jamahl of Bodhi Farm Organics, Geeveston, features in this week's hibarn fresh produce boxes. The Middle Eastern dipping spice is made from ingredients grown organically on farm or sourced from local organic producers. Enjoy it with crusty bread and olive oil, or sprinkled over cooked chips, meat or fish, or roasted/deep fried cocktail kipfler potatoes from Scottsdale, also a feature in this week's hilbarn box. Love to hear what you think.


Vegan SJ said...

I'm so excited about this weeks box, I've never tried dukkah before, it was already decided that we are having falafel and salad in mountain bread tonight, but now I feel we must also try some home made potato wedges with a sprinkling of dukkah as well.
Thanks heaps guys :)

Isis said...

looks yummo, thanks! i always the little extra not-exactly-produce stuff

Anonymous said...

Hi Hillary,
Saw your entry n an old Country Style mag and loved it so i came by. Love your blog and your beautiful farm life.