Monday, June 27, 2011

Packing in the Winter Sun

This winter, our box packing times have slipped earlier and earlier on Sundays; now, you'll find the team lifting, weighing, bagging and packing as early as 3.30. Lately we've been accompanied by gale force winds and drifts of rain which means the barn doors are shut firmly against the elements. Yesterday, we were blessed with afternoon light although the temperatures were still crisp enough for layers and - as you can see from the shadows - the sun was almost low enough in the sky to slice everything in its path. We opened the doors and stopped for a few minutes to appreciate the colour it brought into the packing shed.


chrisartist said...

Saw some of lovely boxes at Atrium today.
They looked so good!!

Hilbarn said...

Hi Chris, Thanks for noticing. How are things in your garden?

Jen said...

Just a quick note of appreciation for all that you do to get our fresh fruit and veggies in our boxes each week at amazingly low prices. My good friend Kelly in Adelaide started a food-connect co-op and is finding it incredible hard to keep it afloat. In fact the latest reports dont look so good
So, we are incredibly lucky, really to have Hil and Barn provide a local + fresh food service with so much heart. thanks

Hilbarn said...

Thanks, Jen, so much for your warm hearted note and genuine support. Your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated - it makes what we do feel special. We read with great interest about your friend's venture in Adelaide and feel disappointed for her and everyone involved, all with such good intentions. Thankfully we're still here and, despite a tough season, so are our growers. Warm wishes, Hil & Barn