Friday, June 17, 2011

Going Native

Coming next week in hilbarn boxes: pretty pots of native parsley (or sea celery) from Biz (pictured left) and Lindsay of Taz Wild in the beautiful Fingal Valley. The Nicolson family has specialised in Tasmanian natives for thirty years on their 2300 ha property situated at the foot of Ben Lomond, still snow-covered after recent heavy snowfalls. Biz says it's very similar to Italian (or continental parsley). So why aren't we all growing our own version, we thought. We picked up the pots this morning and checked out their range of other edible native plants including sea asparagus, salt bush and lemon boronia. We'll be experimenting with our cooking over the next few weeks so we can decide what we choose next from Biz for future hilbarn boxes. Let us know how you get on with your native parsley - or Apium Prostratum to be exact.


jeanetteann said...

Hi I have just bought a country style magazine from a Salvo Store dated Sept 2010 and read an article about Hilbarn.

I thought I would look you up as I am extremly interested in a sustainable lifestyle.

We live in South Australia so unfortunately can't get your boxes but my brother and his wife live in Devonport and so we occasionaly visit. Meanwhile I will come over to your blog now and then. Happy gardening, Jeanette

Hilbarn said...

Hi Jeanette, lovely to come home to your message today. We have started delivering to Devonport so you could order a box for next time you visit your family! Cheers for now, Hil & Barn

Hilbarn said...

Just had a thought that in this facebook and twitter world the old way still works ie that you can still find out about things from a second hand magazine you found in a Salvo shop! Hooray.

Jen said...

Thanks for the parsley! Im just getting our herb garden ready for spring planting, but i reckn this will be fine in a sunny spot till the warmer weather comes and gets things moving again.