Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cackleberry Ladies

Egg supplies are especially hard at this time of the year when many hens are on vacation, moulting, broody and quite frankly ready for a rest and refusing to lay... Would you lay an egg in this weather? So we thought the free range hens from Colleen and Pat's Polcat Farm in Pipers River deserved serious recognition. Their special warm breakfast cereal (infused with chilli) seems to be working wonders... and they're actually laying!


Killiecrankie Farm said...

Oi those hens - I've had to buy eggs this year - funny how you stop cooking with eggs once you haven't a ready supply.

Well done on finding someone with a few yolkers on hand !

Apple Island Wife said...

Hens do indeed seem to love chilli. Very sensible, it having many properties. I haven't been able to get round to cooking for my hens. Cooking for the family seems like enough, and I've been known to cook for the pigs too, in a moment of madness. We don't begrudge our ladies a few months rest over winter, their function at this time of year is merely to keep us happy!
Lovely blog - it's like having a tour of the region's fantastic produce.