Monday, May 9, 2011

Simply Persimmon

Persimmons in this week's hilbarn box came from a magnificent backyard tree in central Launceston. Bob, a hilbarn customer who originally hails from Queensland and knows his persimmons from his tamarillos, says persimmons should be left to soften almost to the point of over ripeness, then eaten just the way they are. What do you do with your persimmon? If, like us, you have no idea, here's the home of persimmons in Australia! Plus, ideas for recipes here.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful fruit! But if they are the old-fashioned astringent type there are some ways of treating them by excluding air as they ripen - plastic wrap seems to be the easiest:


Hilbarn said...

Thank you, we will do a test and put half the bowl of persimmon we photographed into a plastic bag to ripen and report back!

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

I'm now following your delightful blog and hope that you will follow me in return. I especially love your photos and recipes! I'll learn lots from your posts, too.

Regards, Mari