Monday, May 23, 2011

Return of the Red Van!

Esther and Saskia (left) were getting a hilbarn fruit and veggie box home delivered every week until suddenly, last summer, they stopped :-( Their mum, Margaret, said their veggie garden was really happening ;-) so they were putting it on hold.
Our red van, Versace, was a little bit relieved because that meant he wouldn't have to make it to the top of their hill in second gear any more. Except, he really missed the girls coming to meet him in the driveway, and the spine-tingling view from the top of the hill as he made his way back down in fourth gear. Imagine how pleased he was, then, to see them this morning! Looks like Esther and Saskia were just as pleased to see him too! Margaret emailed us to say:
"The girls were overjoyed to recognize the red van driving up the driveway: 'Mum!, I think it's Hilbarn!'. We didn’t realize how much we’ve missed you, till then. We’ve had an abundant summer veggie garden this year, which now is pretty well dormant, so bring on hilbarn!"
Bring on all the winter veggies from our local growers, and thank you, Margaret, for sharing this wonderful photo. We missed you too. ;-)


chrisartist said...

What a lovely story. Would make a delightful children's book.

RG said...

Gorgeous story... I can just imagine.
Thanks for the Hobart delivery too!