Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Trees Bleed!

This morning, while Paul was chainsawing through the tree that fell over the driveway during the recent storm, Hil went pale for a second. Blood seemed to be gushing from a wound. Oh my god, where's the finger?... Do you need some help with that? "It's sap," said Paul, "it's from the tree." Sure enough, it was coming from a saw line, but flowing as if an artery had been severed: thick and dark red, just like human blood. Paul explained the sap was making its way back down the tree for winter. Did you know that trees could bleed? And does anyone know if you can make anything from gushing sap?


Killiecrankie Farm said...

If only it was a Midlands Cider Gum !

the resin (sap) will be high in tanins, so can't imagine it would be good for eating.

Some resins from eucs are a type of preservative, as in a source of can Turpentine if thats any indication.

Have heard of it also being used to form a resin for casting jewellery too - not sure if its any good (longevity due to high sugars).

Hilbarn said...

Cider from gum?? Now that sounds interesting... thanks for the info Lee