Thursday, April 28, 2011

On The Road Again

We placed our orders with farmers this morning for your seasonal surprise in a box...which means we're back on the road again after the Easter break, hunting and gathering fresh local produce from around the state, and delivering your hilbarn boxes on Mondays in Launceston and Tuesdays in Hobart. Thanks to Darren (pictured here with his dog Daisy) for keeping our hilbarn "fleet" serviced and shipshape for all of the above. We have to tell you, Daisy has the most delicate touch. When Darren dropped off Versace after fixing his exhaust (Trevallyn, you will no longer hear us coming a mile away!), Daisy came too. And while we chatted over a cuppa, she found a hen's egg in a rogue nest, picked it up between her teeth and, without breaking it, dropped it at Hil's feet. Now that's service for you!

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