Wednesday, March 2, 2011

She's Apples!

Local organic farmers Lyndy and David supply hilbarners with organic, free range eggs. Much to their surprise this week, one of their prize hens, the beautiful "Goldielocks", has taken to not only making a perfect nest under one of their apple trees, but is currently so-ooo broody she's trying to hatch windfall apples! Says Lyndy, "David came in the other night and said 'I think that hen is going to be sitting for a long time....she's sitting on an apple'. Last night he came in and said, 'Now she's sitting on two apples!'." Points for trying! Latest update: Lyndy says she's banished Goldielocks to the broody box to give her a few days to get over it! Unfortunately, when hens are broody they stop laying which means hilbarners might have to be a little patient with their organic egg deliveries in the coming weeks...

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