Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Packing Stories

Many hands make light work, which meant hilbarn boxes were packed in double quick time when three generations of the Boundy family came to visit us recently on packing night (read Ken's review here). Thank you to Rhonda and Beryl (left) and Ken and Catherine (right). Ken's dad Keith (not pictured) was shy on the day, although is not shy in life. It's amazing how the boxes start out, stark empty, and over the space of a couple of hours, through random conversations and silences, the contents build slowly until, passing a certain point (and, who can say quite what that point is?), they start coming together, and suddenly, someone will remark, "Now, this is a good box!" We hope you think that too. All of them are packed with love, and if one or two things happen to make it through that aren't quite up to standard, please don't hesitate to let us know. Beryl's love of fresh fruit and vegetables was noted with great appreciation, and her country Victoria upbringing was evident in her every comment: "Are these early Royal Galas? Are they sweet enough?" "Here, try one," we said. And a smile followed her sweet consumption of a slice. Thank you for your joy, Boundys, and congratulations to Beryl and Keith who recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.

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Cath Boundy said...

It really was incredibly to watch the artwork which was each box emerge. If we weren't separted by Bass Strait, I'd love to receive one of these packages of love each week - and use the surprise of fresh seasonal ingredients as a masterchef challenge for the week's dinners!