Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kissing Apples x

This is sweet Chloe. She found the kissing apples in her mum's hilbarn fresh produce box last week and is now looking after them in her bedroom. She is so lucky her next box is complimentary. Thank you to her mum Susan for sending us this gorgeous photo.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Apple Kiss

First, albino carrots. Now, Siamese apples! Twin cores! Have you ever seen anything like it? Attached at the stalk - too cute for words. So, naturally, we've planted the pretty pair in one of this week's hilbarn fresh produce boxes, and if you happen to be the lucky recipient let us know because your next box is free on us!

Trees For You!

Our friends at Killiecrankie Farm and Jardiniere, Glengarry, are featured in this week's hilbarn box: their famous Christmas trees are ready for purchase! We've dropped a leaflet into this week's hilbarn box with all the details, or you can drop us a note here and we'll put you in touch. So good to know the trees are grown in Tassie soil, under Tassie sun, with good old Tassie TLC. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hang Your Puddings!

LinkIt's a conflict of seasons: a traditional Christmas pud hanging out to dry on a beautiful spring day by the sea. While visiting a friend last week for a cup of tea we spotted it drying out on the deck - a reminder that Christmas is not that far away. A little research (with acknowledgment to Gourmet Traveller magazine) and we discover that, traditionally, five Sundays before Christmas Day is exactly the time to hang your puds!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Whispering calves

We photographed these six week old Murray Greys pillow-talking at the annual Scottsdale Show last Friday, in 29 degrees Celsius heat! So, what makes a champion breed? While watching the judging for the Belted Galloway cows and their calves, it was interesting to hear the New Zealand judge speak about valuing the ability of the cow to produce rather than just how the beasts scrubbed up on the day. Just a bit harsh, we thought. What's a Show for if not a bit of showing off?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Spoils of A Tasmanian Day #1

After visiting the Weston's Peony and Olive farm in Broadmarsh yesterday afternoon, we came home with a bottle of Renaissance Olive Oil (it picked up a Bronze Medal in Sydney recently), and one of the blousiest peonies imaginable. A fresh jar of 3 Berry & Rose Petal Jam from Utsi Cafe in Perth was icing on a cake of a day... Thank you to Karen Wagner who organised the farm visit, and the Weston family for opening their farm and garden to gawping garden lovers.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One Thousand Roses!

On Sunday we had a call from rose growers Steve and Maryanne from Beaconsfield. A friend of theirs had sent them a Facebook link to hilbarn and after checking out our blog they liked what they saw. They had some surplus-to-requirement cut roses this weekend. Would we like to share them with our customers for our boxes?

Well, we said. Funny you should mention that! On the way back from the northwest last Sunday, we'd seen their hothouses and actually turned down their driveway to check out what they grew. We saw the roses and said to each other, oh, how nice, and drove straight home to get our fresh broad beans and asparagus into the cool room.

"Well," said Steve. "Flowers are produce too." So Barn returned to Beacy yesterday to pick up 1,100 roses for today's boxes, all beautifully packed and wrapped. That's Hil, packing boxes, in the lemon apron...
We've never had so many grateful customers (or suspicious partners!) in one day. The old rose still turns heads that's for sure.... even our hilbarn delivery van, Guido, took a turn on the dance floor... Thank you Steve and Maryanne for calling.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Coastal Chats

Northeast Tasmanian potato growers tell us they don't see their new season spuds until early December. On a certain slope in Penguin, however, spitting distance from Bass Strait, we finally tracked down Wolfgang and his new season chats. The sea breeze keeps his potato crops free of frost, which means his spuds are among the earliest in the state to be harvested. We picked up these freshly dug Bismarks from Wolfgang yesterday and just finished packing them into boxes along with new season asparagus and broad beans, iceberg lettuce, apples, caulis, watercress, and onions. There's also a surprise we'll tell you about tomorrow.