Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Cherry Christmas

When we started taking orders for our traditional hilbarn Christmas Berry Box back in September, we weren't imagining the season would be quite so bad for berries. To be perfectly frank, despite it being the longest day of the year tomorrow, summer hasn't even started (just 4 degrees Celsius forecast for tonight...)! In fact, one northeast cherry grower told us it's been the worst season they'd seen in 30 years. "Ha, cherries," he said when we called him last Sunday. "Not one!" - What, not one kilo? we asked. "No, not one cherry!" Yikes. Tough on strawberry and blueberry growers, too. Our pre-orders sold like hotcakes, though, so we've had a few restless nights wondering if we'd be able to get any fruit at all! We've travelled far afield, scouring the Tasmanian countryside, and finally found luscious cherries in Ross. They were picked this morning, ready for today's lunchtime pick up (above). A big thank you to Jan and Rob Riggall of Somercotes for coming to the rescue at short notice with their red and white (yes, white) cherries! We also received calls today from our blueberry, raspberry and strawberry growers which means, along with an added seasonal surprise, our Christmas berry box will be overflowing and most excellent value. We're contemplating doing another in the New Year when summer finally shows up!

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Tanya said...

The Sommercote white cherries are the bomb. They are big and meaty and more like biting into a nectarine than a weeny cherry fruit.