Friday, December 24, 2010

Berried Treasures

Our hand made berry boxes looked like angel's wings all lined up in anticipation of the arrival of the elves. Finally, after travelling over many valleys and hills to find their treasures, they arrived carrying baskets and boxes of local berries freshly picked with love. Suddenly, Bron arrived with buckets of her shiny redcurrants. "Here, would you like them? There are seven kilos!" "Oh, yes please," the elves cried, and set to packing them along with all the other dazzling jewel-like berries.

There were lush red strawberries from Wendy and Craig & Lyndy and Dave, fat juicy purple brambles and silvanberries from Nat and Corey, ruby red raspberries from Trevor and Rose, cheerful cherries from Jan and Rob, plump bruisy blueberries from Rachel and family, and early season apricots from Rob (like little sunshines).
The elves worked themselves into bed that night, satisfied that the hilbarn berry boxes would look like golden chariots fit for the crown jewels of fruit!

And when Greg and Carla Best came to pick up their boxes we knew the happy smiles on their children's faces were worth all the effort in the world!

Happy Christmas! See you next year!

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Jen said...

Lovely to hear the story around the halloed assembly. They brightened our day :-)