Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Asparagus Run

You have to be quick to catch Jo's asparagus. The season is short and the paddock still young, but we couldn't be happier right now than on our weekly asparagus run from Karoola to Moriarty. Not only does it take us through some of the lushest valleys in the north, through Flowery Gully, Winkleigh and on to top-of-the-world Moriarty, but we get to share the freshest asparagus with our box customers.
It won't last long, so we plan to be greedy, ordering in advance each week from Jo so hilbarners do not miss out on one of the delicacies of Spring. Just place in a shallow pan of boiling water for three or four minutes - or until the tip droops slightly when you hold up the spear - and either savour or devour without embellishment.


Isis said...

this week's box was so delicious, thanks for the asparagus!

michael bok said...

One of my favourite vegetables - serve them with your fresh eggs from Hilbarn, soft runny egg over the top of the cooked asparagus or a fresh hollandaise sauce over the top. Nothing better - you have died and gone to heaven (lol)