Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Size Matters...

What size should a cucumber be? We were surprised to learn that Woolworths and Coles issue pages of quality assurance guidelines to farmers and growers about, among other things, the precise sizes their produce should  be. Here is one grower's way of reducing their written requirements in a meaningful and practical way. This home-made template applies to the size of cucumbers: the minimum radius for a cucumber acceptable at Coles and Woolworth's is left and middle - notice that they are different - and the maximum radius is on the right. Love to know what you think. We just want them to taste good!


Killiecrankie Farm said...

ridiculous !
without social or environmental conscience !

In France about two years ago they had to CHANGE LEGISLATION on the requirements of cucumbers - it was a LAW that retailed cucumbers should not have more then a certain curvature, width or length !

vivez la différence !

Jess said...

I wonder where supermarkets get their ideas from? Once, when I was a supermarket veggie shopper, I wished items available came in a RANGE of sizes, so I could have the option of buying the right sized veggie for what I was using it for. Surely that sized cucumber doesn't suit everyone?!