Thursday, June 17, 2010

Your Feedback

"Hilbarn is joy. My friends have often teased me on the basis of my rantings for all things ‘seasonal, local and fresh’. It’s in my blood. My grandparents are farmers, as are my partner’s parents and we’ve both been afforded the opportunity to grow up with the delights of freshly plucked Tasmanian produce for most of our lives. We’re both vegetarians and I’m a passionate cook. Despite my love for attempting a variety of dishes and for experimenting with various ingredients, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be creative with the tasty morsels so often found in our box. Jerusalem artichokes have so far been my favourite; my chestnuts were a disaster but I loved the chance to cook with them! The variety of tomatoes provided over Summer were the epitome of bliss and I cannot believe how you manage to provide such a vast and interesting mix of other quality items every week. We spend a lot less money at the supermarket since Hilbarn and even though we’ve always been healthy eaters, sometimes our dinners (and leftover lunches) consist simply of a melange of vegetables – each with its own special preparation and presentation on the plate!  I can’t imagine that there would be a better way to source produce, nor an easier way to stay healthy than being part of the Hilbarn collective. What you provide is great for us, great for our community and great for the environment overall. I for one am a fan. Thanks for making every week a foodie-Christmas." Melody

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