Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thank You

Over the past 12 months hilbarn has delivered nearly 1.5 tonnes of potatoes, and over a tonne each of apples and carrots, along with an increasingly diverse range of other local produce. This represents over $24,000 that hilbarn has contributed to the local north and northeast economies. We wanted to take time out to say thank you to all the growers who have supported us and who work hard to keep up with the seasons, and to thank our customers for their support in keeping fresh local produce alive, as well as for their great feedback, like this from Wendy:
"Just a note to say how much I love getting our vegie box every week; you do well to give us a wide range of produce without repeating items from one week to the next. This week's watercress is a real treat! The standard is always very high and I like the fact that we try things we haven't bought before (eg jerusalem artichokes and chestnuts). The worms in my worm farm are also enjoying increased variety and quantity of the discarded peelings, leaves and 'tops'! Keep up your great work!"


Jen said...

Hear hear! Come on all your lurkers, lets show some support for Hil and Barn and the wonderful growers of The Tamar region. These bountiful boxes we receive each week contain some of the best and freshest veggies and fruits i have ever had the pleasure to eat. Let them know how much we appreciate their service!

Amber said...

I think it's an awesome thing what you do! :)