Monday, April 19, 2010

More About Chestnuts

On Sunday night, as we packed chestnuts into paper bags provided to us by growers Colleen and Daryl, Hil's mum Audrey remembered her childhood growing up in London when she and her friends would buy a bag of roasted chestnuts from street sellers after going out to "the pictures". So we roasted a few in the oven as we weighed and wrapped, and nostalgia reigned in the Indian summer evening in Karoola as the sweet smell of roasting chestnuts wafted out onto the veranda. When cooked and peeled, however, they look rather less romantic: like brains.  For better inspiration and serious foodie ideas, make sure you look here: 


Fer said...

I was so thankful for the little recipe card in the bag, we ended up doing that chicken stir fry with them. It was too easy to substitute the spinach for the silverbeet as well, and all came up a treat!

Michael Bok said...

The Chestnuts we received posed a bit of a problem for us (never having cooked them before) until my daughter found a recipe for chestnut pasta in her vegetarian cookbook. The pasta was superb, they were served with mushrooms, brussel sprouts and more of the chestnuts with a sage burnt butter. I think we need to make a double batch next time as it went so quickly. Nice to be supplied veggies that make you think of different uses.