Monday, March 1, 2010

Seedy Antics

If you look closely, seeds are as endlessly fascinating as flowers are pleasing. Love In A Mist (top) and Sweet Pea (bottom) have cunning ways of ensuring they live on. Not that we are by any means botanists, just appreciative observers of some of nature's finer and more curious details. The first's miniscule black seeds are held tightly in folds until the seed pod drops to the ground or disintegrates enough to let them fly on the wind to find renewal. And the second, has, in comparison, enormous pea-shaped seeds that become twisted inside its drying pod. As the pod continues to dry in the summer heat it tightens like a spring until it eventually cracks open with surprising energy, releasing the seeds to the ground. If you've saved your Sweet Pea seeds, you will know that March 17th is traditionally the day to plant them, ready for a fresh new crop next Spring. We packet our saved seeds and some are for sale in our hilbarn country store & nursery, 1065 Pipers River Road, Karoola.

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